Dear friends and supporters

Pasos Adelante is a neuropsychological Center in Puerto Vallarta. We provide a range of services for individuals with learning, language and behavior problems.

We have several children and families who need financial support to continue their therapeutic programs. These students and families are very committed and determined to work very hard to meet their potentials.

We are seeking donations, which will help the families pay for services. Scholarship patrons can adopt a child or donate to the general fund. Please visit out webpage for additional information.

All families and the Pasos Adelante Team are contributing and participating in this scholarship program.

The children with the greatest need are those with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. The governmental services provided are scarce or nonexistent in Mexico.

Donations of $10.00 will pay for an hour of individual therapy

Donations of $50.00 will pay for a week of individual therapy

Donations of $500.00 will cover a month of therapies

Any and all support is greatly appreciated. Help Pasos Adelante open the doors to independent and productive living.

Thank you!