Products & Materials

Pasos Adelante is in a unique position to train and offer high quality, practical
educational/psychological materials.

Many of the materials have been published or developed by the staff at Pasos Adelante.
These materials all meet the requirements of developing thinking individuals, are easy to use and are accessible in price.

These products have all been validated and used in many institutions throughout Latin America and the United States.

Techniques and Strategies of Critical Thinking

Techniques and Strategies of Critical Thinking is a practical and easy to use guide for teachers and parents on how to create thinking, independent children.
Specific and sequential activities are providet to develop higher order thinking skills.

Assessment of Basic Skills _ R

The ABS–R is a comprehensive, criterion referenced assessment system developed to measure ongoing academic skill development in both English and Spanish.

It is appropiate for children pre kinder to secundary.
The ABS-R provides grade level equivalents for the following areas:

  • Reading
  • Comprehension
  • Arithmetic
  • Spelling
  • Written expression
  • Math reasoning

The ABS-R is a great diagnostic tool for teachers in private and public educational settings.

Inventory of Early Development

Edicion America Latina/Inventory of Early Development II (English)

Inventory of early development

The IDT II is a comprehensive inventory, which assesses all areas of development from birth to 7 years of age.
It measures precisely how a child is progressing in language, motor skills, self-help, social emotional and cognitive/academic areas.

The IDT II is the newly published Spanish Version. The IED II is the English Version. Both are essential tools for any one working with young children.
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Comprehensive Assessment of Reading Strategies

The revised, research-based Comprehensive Assessment of Reading Strategies (CARS©) Series helps educators identify students' strengths and weaknesses in the 12 standards-based reading skills.

Comprehensive Assessment of Reading  Strategies

  • Finding main idea
  • Recalling facts and details
  • Understanding sequence
  • Recognizing cause and effect
  • Comparing and contrasting
  • Making predictions
  • Finding word meaning in context
  • Drawing conclusions and making inferences
  • Distinguishing fact from opinion
  • Identifying author's purpose
  • Interpreting figurative language
  • Summarizing
  • Pretest, benchmark tests, and post test cover a range of genres
  • Tracking forms/charts for teachers and self-assessment forms for students
  • Use results to target instruction with the STARS Instructional Series

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Using the results of the CARS pretest, target instruction on the essential reading comprehension strategies, five-part lessons in STARS.

Comprehensive Assessment of Reading  Strategies

  • Explicit instruction and practice in a carefully structured format that fully supports students
  • Gradual release of responsibility and practice with short pieces of text builds students confidence
  • Multiple definitions and examples of each strategy within each lesson continually reinforce understanding
  • Easy-to-use, informative Teacher Guide makes every teacher a reading expert
  • Use results to target instruction with the CARS Instructional Series

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Comprehensive Assessment of Mathematics Strategies

Comprehensive Assessment of Reading  Strategies

Diagnose student difficulties in key foundational math skills necessary for success in mathematics.

Comprehensive Assessment of Mathematics Strategies (CAMS©) gives you the information you need to target instruction and measure progress in topics that align to NCTM Focal Points and Connections.

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Strategies to Achieve Mathematics Success  New 2011 copyright

Target your individualized instruction on essential math skills based on results from the CAMS© Series.

Comprehensive Assessment of Reading  Strategies

The new Strategies to Achieve Mathematics Success (STAMS©) helps educators teach key foundational math skills and concepts for each grade and provide explicit instruction to thoroughly address grade-level NCTM Focal Points and Connections.

  • Highly scaffolded lessons and a consistent instructional routine re-teach concepts that students never mastered
  • Student pages are highly visual to make the lesson more engaging and accessible for struggling learners
  • Engaging Interactive Whiteboard Activities for every lesson

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The tests and instruments used at Pasos Adelante are easy to use, cost effective and have all been validated in the United States and throughout Latin America.

All instruments require minimal interpretation and provide quick and specific guides for treatment and intervention.

Parents and teachers are able to understand both the results and implications for treatment.

All instruments are used daily at Pasos Adelante and are available for sale.
Professional training and instruction is available for all materials.

All products and materials are available in English and Spanish.