Product Development

Pasos Adelante has participated in several major projects in the publishing area.

The projects/products that are developed (transformed) are selected to improve the educational level of children throughout the Americas.

Pasos Adelante is committed to providing quality educational materials designed to improve the thinking capabilities of all children.

Assessment instruments are also designed to meet the unique needs of the Latin American population.

Current and Past Projects

Assessment of Basic Skills – Curriculum Associates, Inc. 1983

Inventory of Early Development II
Inventario del Desarrollo Temprano IDT II 2012

Portage Guide – Guia Portage 2006

Language Enrichment Program - D.C. Heath 1990, 1993, 1995

Integration of Critical Thinking for Textbooks
Editorial Trillas 1991-1995

Tecnicas y Estrategias de Pensamiento Critico
Editorial Trillas 1996 –present

"Vanguardia Educativa" (National educational Magazine - Mexico)